Time Travel, Dimensions & Portals Have Been Proven! With Carl Gallups

From critically acclaimed and Amazon Top-60 bestselling author Carl Gallups”YOU ARE EITHER IN ONE KINGDOM – OR THE OTHER …”From the first words of the opening chapter, you ll be plunged into a narrative that will cause pivotal biblical scenes to burst to life in living color in the theater of your mind. Prepare yourself for a stunning journey, as some of the most astounding mysteries and revelations concerning the cosmic battle of the ages are uncovered. Carl Gallups peels back the veil on earth-shattering biblical revelations by contextually connecting the dots from Genesis through Revelation, while appealing to the scholarship of numerous renowned biblical commentators. Learn what you won’t hear from today s pulpits and bible studies regarding the heart of the biblical message, and your spectacular and glorious place in it. This is one book you don t want to miss!

* What Satan did NOT know about Jesus and God’s plan of the ages
* How Satan became the hunted, rather than the hunter, and the shocking biblical truth concerning his final demise
* How Satan literally used and manipulated the nations of history on his cosmic, interdimensional quest to find the seed that would eventually crush his head, and what his plan is now
* What the Bible discloses about time travel, multiple dimensions, portals, and how modern science supports it all
* The contextual biblical truth that may forever change what you thought you knew about death
* Where everything in the universe is actually heading, including you
* Clear answers to deep theological conundrums that will forever change the way you read and understand Scripture


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