This May Shock You! How the US is Preparing our Women and Girls for the Coming Rape Culture: PART 1

Stench. Funk. Malodor. Smelly. Yes. The bathroom bill and the war it has perpetrated STINKS! Literally. Once again, the Elite have poured gasoline, not bleach into the public arena…eh-hem, the public potty. Igniting another conflict, not between races but genders. Men, women, and those confused about their anatomical body parts.

And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. Mark 3:25

So far the Elite are doing a great job of pitting the American people and anyone else who believe they belong here.

MSN News reported on how much America is divided on this issue.

“While 46 percent of Americans think transgender people should use the bathrooms assigned to their birth gender, slightly fewer — 41 percent — think they should be able use the bathroom of the gender they identify as. Most Americans think guidelines outlining the bathroom policies for transgender children in school should be set by local and state governments, not by the federal government.””

“Men, Republicans, conservatives, evangelicals, Americans 45 and older, and Americans who live in the South and Midwest think transgender people should use the bathroom of the gender they were born as. Women, Democrats, liberals, Americans under 45, and those who live in he Northeast and West think they should be allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they identify as.”

“With the country locked in a heated national debate over transgender rights in schools and in public life, Americans are divided over the issue of transgender people and public bathrooms. In keeping with legislation that has been introduced in a number of states, 46 percent of Americans think transgender people should have to use the bathroom of the gender they were born as, while slightly fewer — 41 percent — think they should be allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they identify as.”

“There are stark political and cultural divisions on this debate. While two thirds of Republicans (65 percent) and conservatives (66 percent) think transgender people should use the bathroom of the gender they were born as, about as many Democrats (60 percent) and liberals (71 percent) think they should use the bathroom of the gender they identify as. And while more Americans under 45 think they should use the bathroom of the gender they identify as, slightly higher percentages of older Americans think the opposite.”

“Regionally, Americans in the Northeast and particularly the West think transgender people should use the bathroom they identify as, while more Americans in the Midwest and particularly the South — where many of these bills have been introduced — favor transgender people using the bathrooms of the gender they were born as.”

“Men and women are also divided: most men think they should use the bathroom assigned to the gender they were born as, while women tend to favor letting transgender people use the bathroom of the gender they identify as.”

Obama’s silent but deadly brain fart on an “all gender restroom” policy for public schools, caused a big stink-bomb among the states and politicians. Republican Dan Patrick of Texas and Pat McCrorey of North Carolina are two who are fighting back vehemently.

McCrory’s  main focus in signing the law was his concerns for children’s privacy.

Fox News

Respect for privacy that individuals have – especially our youth have when they go into a locker room to shower or restroom,” he said he was concerned about. “They expect only people of their gender to be there in that shower, locker room or rest room.”

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick of Texas is allowing prudence in his stance against Obama’s demands.

Texas Tribune

“I think the handwriting is on the bathroom wall: Men need to stay out of the ladies’ room,” Patrick said. “This isn’t about equal rights. This isn’t about being against anyone or anti-any person. This is about common sense, common decency and allowing women to have comfort when they’re in the bathroom.”

School boards and the Senate are having issues with it as well. The Republican senators have sent a letter requesting that Obama follow proper means to get this law passed.

FRC Action

Local school boards aren’t the only ones upset that the federal government is trying to do their jobs. So is the U.S. Senate. A little more than a week since the president’s team sent a blanket directive to every district in America, warning them to open up their bathrooms to anyone or lose federal funds, Republicans are saying “not so fast!” Twenty-five GOP senators, including key committee chairmen, had strong words for Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Education Secretary John King in a letter fighting back on this dangerous mandate to schools and universities.

“Every transgender person,” they write, “is someone’s child and should be treated with respect. But that does not justify a federal executive agency acting as a national school board telling 100,000 public schools how to resolve this issue… It is not appropriate for a federal executive agency to issue ‘guidance’ for every school as if it were the law. Article I of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress the exclusive right to make laws… The Supreme Court, Congress, and the Obama administration itself all have made clear that such guidance does not have the force of law.”

Clearly, this bathroom issue is about protecting our children and women from CREEPERS, RAPISTS, AND PEDOPHILES. Its not about transgenders raping our women and children. And, for some reason our government wants our bathrooms wide open just like our borders. And, why is Obama and his administration in such a hurry to by-pass the usual way of business? Is there something else going on? What are they distracting us from?

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane 2015  before tying  this  to  a much  broader  agenda.

On June 26, 2015, the same-sex marriage law was passed.

The New York Times

WASHINGTON — In a long-sought victory for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote on Friday that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage.

Before and after, people engaged in verbal fights and then resistance to the Supreme Court’s decision. Social media blew up as did the talk on the streets. In fact,  one Kentucky Clerk of Court caught everyone’s attention when she refused to give out marriage licenses to gay couples seeking matrimony despite the Supreme Court’s rulings. She ended up in the hokey for a few days. Her fight began in February 2015 and lasted into the beginning of fal that same year.


“A few months later, Obergefell v. Hodges was decided and all county clerks were ordered to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Davis refused, citing her religious opposition to same-sex marriage. Couples represented by the American Civil Liberties Union who had been denied marriage licenses from Davis filed and won a lawsuit against her, Miller v. Davis, and she was ordered to comply with the decision of the U.S. District Court and start issuing marriage licenses. Her lawyers tried to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, but the application to appeal was denied. Davis continued to defy the court order, refusing to issue marriage licenses, and was ultimately jailed for contempt of court. She was released from jail five days later, under the condition that she not interfere in any way with the efforts of her deputy clerks, who had started issuing marriage licenses to all couples. Returning to work, she ordered her clerks to use modified Kentucky marriage licenses that no longer mentioned her name. The Attorney General of Kentucky said that because the matter was already being handled by the federal court, there would be no appointment of a special prosecutor to pursue charges of official misconduct against her. Several weeks later, Davis announced she had met with Pope Francis in Washington, D.C.; the Vatican press office clarified that the Pope met with many others and that the meeting should was not a form of support for her actions.

But while everyone was having bouts of gas and constipation over the bill of abomination, which is understandable, and Kim Davis going to jail, something else slipped into the toilet. The Trans-Pacific-Partnership plunked us into the loo, on October 5, 2015.

The New York Times

“The United States, Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim nations on Monday reached final agreement on the largest regional trade accord in history, teeing up what could be the toughest fight President Obama will face in his final year in office: securing approval from Congress.”

Today, in 2016, there is another issue at the forefront while everyone is freaking out over the highlighted-transgender-bathroom-ordeal and the Hillary-Trump circus. It leaves one to wonder if lame-stream media is keeping us distracted from DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans) and DACA (Extended Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). Yeah. These two issues are in the Supreme Court now. The plan is to have this ruled on, signed and sealed sometime in June.

What do these mean?  Wikipedia make the  definitions clear.


“Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA), sometimes called Deferred Action for Parental Accountability, is a planned American immigration policy which would grant deferred action status to certain undocumented immigrants who have lived in the United States since 2010 and have children who are American citizens or lawful permanent residents.”


“Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an American immigration policy that allows certain illegal immigrants who entered the country before their 16th birthday and before June 2007 to receive a renewable two-year work permit and exemption from deportation. DACA does confer non-immigrant legal status but does not provide a path to citizenship. It was started by the Obama administration in June 2012.”

There is an ugly fight going on with the illegals and their children that have poured into America. The brown river is getting thicker, deeper, and wider. Is this another plan  to take us through a convoluted and twisted plumbing system?

Currently, the Supreme Court Judge Andrew Hanen wants names and addresses from all the undocumented immigrants. At least  he’s trying to  do the  right thing. But will it stop Obama?

Huffington Post

About 108,000 young undocumented immigrants received three-year protections and U.S. work permits in a several-month period in late 2014 and early 2015. They hadn’t done anything wrong — they just applied for a government program in the same way hundreds of thousands of so-called Dreamers have done since the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program started in 2012.

But the fact that they got those three-year permits, rather than the two-year permits distributed since 2012, could put them at risk of having their personal information — including names and addresses — released to state authorities.

This would be as a result of a Thursday court order by U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen, who last year blocked President Barack Obama’s 2014 executive actions on immigration reform — namely, an expansion of DACA and a new program for parents called Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, or DAPA.

The Supreme Court is currently considering whether those executive actions should be allowed to move forward. But in the meantime, Hanen, who is based in Brownsville, Texas, is railing from the bench over the Justice Department attorneys’ actions in his court, where the lawsuit from 26 states started.”

It seems the White House has morphed into a giant sea creature with far-reaching tentacles creating multiple problems. There is so much going on from every corner. How can anyone keep up with all of it? The messes being made could leave you feeling as if you’ve been spun in a blender.

Let’s take another step into the time-machine. This time we’ll land in 2014 when Obama promised to bring in Syrian Muslim refugees. America’s latrine is going to be crowded with the open borders and open bathroom policies.

Washington Post

“The Obama administration will greatly increase the number of Syrian refugees approved for permanent resettlement in the United States next year but has opted against a separate refugee program to serve victims of that intractable civil war, administration officials said Tuesday.

The State Department is reviewing more than 4,000 applications from Syrian refugees seeking permanent homes in the United States next year or beyond, up from dozens considered for resettlement this year and last, officials said. The expansion reflects determinations by the United Nations refugee agency and the United States that tens of thousands of refugees living outside Syria are unlikely to ever be able to return.

The White House said Tuesday that it has approved permanent resettlement for up to 70,000 refugees worldwide next year, the same figure as for fiscal 2014.

Up to 33,000 could be resettled from the Middle East and South Asia, including Syria. Although there is no set target for Syrian refugees, they are expected to form a far larger percentage of the total than ever before.

The State Department has received more than 4,000 referrals in recent months and is processing them, a State Department official said. The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak for attribution, said “large numbers” of Syrian refugees will begin to arrive in 2015.”

And it doesn’t stop with 33,000 resettling in America.  In September 2015, Congress requested a 100,000 more should come. They believe it’s our moral duty to take in people who behave like poopers and don’t respect the American way.


House Democrats are calling on the Obama administration to dramatically increase the number of Syrian refugees allowed into the US. The White House has already pledged to let in 10,000 refugees over the next year, but that is being called insufficient.
“It is our moral duty, as a nation founded on the principles of equality and freedom, to do what we can to assist our brethren who are in desperate turmoil, and are searching for the slightest gesture of goodwill,” wrote 72 Democrats from the US House of Representatives in a letter to the administration on Friday, according to the Hill.

Lawmakers said the country could easily support the resettlement of as many as 130,000 Syrian refugees, a figure 10 times that proposed by the White House earlier this week.

The letter was spearheaded by Representative David Cicilline (D-Rhode Island).”

These gestures of goodwill reek of something nefarious. Has some kind of plan been implemented? Is there a connection to opening up our bathrooms to pedophiles and creepers and rapists and opening up our borders to people who want to use and abuse us? Rape our women and children, perhaps? Our minds? Possibly.

Let the dots commence to connection.Here’s one spot for you. Recently, two girly-men have been appointed to Obama’s administration.

Intercessors for America
“Earlier this year we learned about Dr. Richard Levine, a man who ‘identifies as a woman’ as Pennsylvania’s new Physician General. Not to be outdone by a state, the Obama administration has kicked things up a notch with the appointment of a cross-dressing, gender-bending man of its own, but perhaps what’s more surprising than the “who” part of the appointment is the “to what.”

Last Thursday the White House announced that the National LGBTQ Task Force’s “Barbara” Satin has been appointed to serve on President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

Its nothing short of amazing how far this president has come since his public affirmation of belief that marriage is between one man and one woman just a few years ago.”

Prior to these transgenders being appointed, the White House invited Muslims on board back in Obama’s early days. And, of course, Hillary’s right arm lady, Haman Abedin.

Israel Commentary

Look who’s new in the White House!
Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser

Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference

Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser – founder Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current executive director

Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia Czar – Islamic Society of North America

Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships

Huma Abedin – Deputy Chief Advisor to former Secretary of State and likely Presidential candidate 2016, Hillary Clinton!

Muslims and the LGBT community co-mingling together? Really? Anyone find this strange?

Not so weird if you understood the plan of the Muslim Brotherhood for America’s trip down the great white porcelain throne. They have something called Islam’s five-phase blueprint to takeover America, titled An Explanatory Memorandom?  Here’s a quote from their mission statement: ‘The Muslim Brother hood must understand  their work in America is a kind of jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within …so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.’

Can you believe that an Amercian company is selling this on-line? You can buy a copy of An Explanatory Memorandom, on Amazon, for $5.50.

Angry yet?

Our own government is allowing the destruction of our country with our own hands. Why do you think they’ve allowed same-sex marriage, are working toward gender neutral bathrooms, allowing illegals and Muslims in? We are  right on the edge before we take the big splash with the Tidy Bowel man. Grab your life vest because it’s all true. The conspiracy is on you America.

The Muslims are chameleons .Listen carefully to Brigitte Gabriel if you don’t believe me.


So Obama wanted a legacy. Well, he’s got one. Open borders. Open bathrooms. Come one. Come all. Creeper. Pervert. Pedophile. How about a Muslim male with sexual jihad on his mind? Sadly,the way has been paved for our daughters, mothers, wives, and grandmothers to be ravaged. The door is more then wide open now. All it took were a few cries from the LGBT community and some bullying from the White House. It’s bad enough we have to deal with the gender-confused. Now we’ll have to deal with terrorists in the lady’s room. It’s coming, folks. It’s coming. Talk about moral degradation!

This country is following in the wake of Germany, Sweden, France, Norway, and the UK. Europe’s women, girls, and babies are suffering. It makes one’s insides squeamish at the thought.

True News
“In the latest example of sexual barbarism from Islamic refugees in Europe, a three-year-old refugee has allegedly been raped at an asylum centre in Norway’s third largest city.

Stavanger police are currently investigating reports that the boy, whose nationality has not been disclosed, was sexually abused in the common area of Forus Akuttinnkvartering centre.

In another case from Munich, three teenagers from Syria were arrested for raping a 17-year-old girl in a public swimming pool in Munich on Saturday.

A report from the Interior Ministry in North Rhine-Wesphalia (NRW) state, where Cologne lies, said 516 criminal complaints had been registered, 237 of which were of a sexual nature.

A separate report from the Cologne police gave graphic descriptions of the crimes, listing case after case of women surrounded by gangs of men who put their hands in the victims’ pants and skirts, grabbed them between the legs, on the buttocks and the breasts, often while stealing their wallets and cell phones.

These attacks are being described by German police as examples of ‘taharrush gamea,’ translated in English to ‘collective harassment’. Taharrush gamea has been seen throughout the Arabic world in recent years, with the gang-rape phenomenon first gaining global attention during the 2011 Cairo riot.

When the Muslims wage sexual jihad on the American masses, our ‘gender neutral’ bathrooms won’t keep them out. An open potty is not a safe potty for anyone. It’s open borders and open bathrooms for all.





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