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Something’s Coming and It Will Happen Quickly—2016/2017 and a Hillary Election “Surprise”


By Lisa Haven

America is a ticking time bomb. One second she is resting in her peace and the other she is screaming for aid. Truth is, the country we once knew in not the America it is today. Especially with the fact that people like Hillary Clinton are able to run for office despite the fact that she has committed mass fraud, traded internal secrets to foreign countries, shared classified emails on an unsecured server and turned a blind eye to Benghazi. The woman and her husband are pure frauds and should be sentenced to life in prison, but sadly they walk scot-free and are even running for president.

That said, one can’t help but believe that maybe a crook like Hillary might be exactly what the globalists have planned for America. After all, the voting system is technically rigged and they could put in whom ever they deem regardless of the peoples choice. IF that does happen, and this witch becomes a stronger force, then we American’s are in DEEP trouble.

In the video below nutrition expert and CEO of Life Change Tea, Ronnie McMullen,  and I discuss the real implications that will strike America if Hillary is elected into office. He explains how our health care system will take a dive for the worse and how supplements could become “doctored prescriptions.” All that and more in this exclusive report…. 


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