Most Shocking Discovery In History Sweeps the Internet, Proving the Existence of God (Video)

After my initial exposure to Ron Wyatt's research, I contacted him directly. I believed God was leading me to take a much closer look, as these relatively new insights were astounding!

When Jerry Bowen, Director of Anchor Stone International, was first introduced to the Wyatt research in 1987, he had absolutely no idea the incredible things God was about to do.

“I had always been interested in archaeology. As a relatively young Christian at the time, I was very impressed to dig deeper.  I had no clue just what God was up to, but I was willing to find out!” Said Bowen.

Bowen added, “After my initial exposure to Ron Wyatt’s research, I contacted him directly. I believed God was leading me to take a much closer look, as these relatively new insights were astounding!  As it turned out, another friend also was being led in the same direction.  We would visit Ron together, in his Tennessee home and gleam all that we could absorb.  It was in 1995 when my wife and I, and my friend,  were strongly impressed to place Ron’s materials on the internet.  After meeting with Ron and Mary-Nell (his wife), and laying out our plans for the site, Ron felt  this could only be a positive step, so he gave us permission to share his research with the world.  This was the beginning of anchorstone.com, Ron’s original web outlet for his research, and continues to this day to present the perspective Wyatt had.”

Bowen has remained directly involved in much of the on-going research over the last 30 years, the last 10 years specifically exploring the reasons for all of the finds.

Most Shocking Discovery In History! A Find of Epic Proportions Proves Existence of God!


Bowen said he made his first research trip to eastern Turkey in 1997 to have a firsthand look at the remains of Noah’s Ark.

“Since that day, I have been to the site 30 times.  Ron was restricted from entering Jordan, so on one of our trips he asked us to go to Jordan.  He noticed what appeared to be ashen remains directly across the Dead Sea from the Israeli side.  Sure enough, the city of Gomorrah extended to both sides of the ‘then’ Jordan river.   I must say, when traveling with Ron, I didn’t feel like an explorer so much as it seemed more like we were on a mission.  You could truly sense God was directing the agenda. As you might expect over the years, we had some rather unique experiences.”

He went on to say, “The journey has been so overwhelming. To witness God directly intervening in human affairs while providing physical evidence that validates His word is absolutely amazing! Even more than that, the Ark of the Covenant find defined more specifically just what God would do to buy back humanity.  The cost was much greater than any of us could ever fathom.”

Jerry explained that Anchor Stone International was originally established as a research and educational corporation, but was later moved in a more ministry-oriented direction.

“After Ron’s passing in 1999, our first contingency was to verify his original findings.  This process was conducted with a half-dozen other groups, who had also been interested in the discovery sites.  Additional testing was conducted at most of the sites which would add credibility to Ron’s original conclusions.  For example, Ron worked with the Turkish authorities for 10 years on the remains of Noah’s Ark. An additional 10 years of research was conducted after Ron’s passing, culminating with new resistivity scans in 2014, verifying even more conclusively that the remains were indeed a man-made ship.  It is possible that an excavation of those remains will occur this summer 2017. However, this is still not confirmed.”

After processing 30 years of discovery from these sites, Bowen and his group came to the conclusion that God was directly sending a clear message of the everlasting Gospel to the entire world.

“The stones were indeed crying out with the Gospel message! And I mean all the major components such as mercy, judgment, perseverance, deliverance, relationship, sacrifice and victory, which coordinated specifically with each unique site. I believe God has had a much larger agenda aside from merely revealing Biblical, archaeological finds.”

Bowen concluded, “What has been taking place over the last 30 years is not about any man, organization, university or church denomination.  In fact, it’s not even about archaeology. This was simply the vehicle God would use to drive home His last warning message of mercy to a deceived and distracted world…a world that He died for!”    

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