Public NOT Allowed In This TOP Secret CIA Museum: Here’s What’s Inside…


By Lisa Haven

Tucked away in a top secret labyrinth sits one of the most amazing  museums in all of history, The CIA Museum. Though, hidden from public view five exhibits glisten the museum halls with paraphernalia of real war and spy gadgetry dating back to World War II.

The museum contains a national archive for the collection, preservation, documentation and exhibition of intelligence artifacts, culture, and history. Currently, around 3,500 items are being held in trust for the American people. Though not open to the public, this top-secret facility has shared some of it’s information online and from time to time grants private tours with certain “approved” groups.

Artifacts on display include the AK-47 found beside the body of Osama bin Laden, the mock-up of his Pakistan compound the agency used to plan their successful assault, aquatic robotic technology, drones and more!

Here’s the captivating report….



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