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A Message So Alarming, Everyone MUST Hear! REPENT, the “Great and Terrible” Day of the Lord Is Near

The other day, the Lord had laid on my heart the message of Jeremiah chapter four (that video message is also included, second video down).  Shortly thereafter, He spoke to me, warning me to pay attention to my emails because I was going to be getting some prophetic dreams, visions and words that were truly from Him.  The following morning,  He spoke to me again, saying the same exact thing. It was later that same day when I suddenly received three or four emails containing prophetic dreams, visions and words from various people, each one complementing the other.

Then, the next day, I received a prophetic word from Pastor Benjamin Faircloth via email, which will be uploaded next to the Lyn Leahz YouTube Channel. If that weren’t enough, the following morning, a woman named Elizabeth Nebenfuhr contacted me with an urgent word she had received from the Lord.  As I read it, I was stunned!  I had been reading Ezekiel the previous night when the Lord gave me Ezekiel chapter seven, which I put a star next to on my notepad.  The word from the Lord Elizabeth received quotes the entire chapter from Ezekiel! 

The below text contains only a brief excerpt from her message to me, but not the word the Lord gave to her.  For the entire message, please be sure and watch the video below. 

It is obvious that we have reached the end of this age as we know it. Things will never again be the same.  This nation has sold its soul to hell, and we are on a one way trip straight to the lake of eternal fire and damnation!  I encourage all of you to listen to this message, prayerfully and with a repentant heart. 


A Message So Alarming, Everyone MUST Hear! REPENT! The “Great & Terrible” Day of the Lord Is Near!


Brief Excerpt

October 24th 2016 I was given a message and the message stopped mid-way and was resumed in the early morning of November 6th 2016, and then again on November 8th in which it was finished. I know many people doubt those who hear from Almighty GOD in this day, and I must admit that I understand because there have been many who say they hear from GOD and are not hearing from Almighty GOD at all. However, I can assure you that I do hear from God and this was indeed from Him.

I felt the need to rest in Him and get away from all distractions, and that began over a month ago.

After praying in the Spirit, I asked the LORD what it was that He was impressing heavily upon my heart. So I got a paper and a pen, and I began to write what I believe are the very words of the LORD.

As with anything you hear that is said to be “from the Lord,” I ask you as the Word commands to test every spirit and pray about it. But I must be obedient and deliver it as God has commanded.

I have cried and have also spent many sleepless nights crying out for mercy and asking the LORD, “Do you really want me to do this? Do you want me to give this message?” I have received confirmation after confirmation. It is time for me to cry out and lift my voice. Ezekiel 33. I pray that I am in right standing with the LORD in how I present what I do believe He has placed upon my heart as a message for this nation of many peoples, and for the church who calls itself by His name. 

It is very important for you to know that this message was given me before the election.

Here is what the Lord said to me. I pray you will listen, take it to heart, and I can’t urge you enough to also take it to the Lord for confirmation within your own spirit.

Below is the word the Lord gave me from Jeremiah chapter four

God Has Finally Confirmed! Disaster IS Coming VERY Soon-THIS IS EXTREMELY SERIOUS!

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