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Meet YOUR New Host of Prophecy in the News! Lyn Leahz

We are proud to pass the torch to not only a woman, but a dear friend of ours, Lyn Leahz

We have a huge announcement from Prophecy in the News that we want to share with you!

Since September of 2014, we have been thrilled and  privileged to have Dr. Kevin Clarkson as the host of our television program each week. As many of you know, he is the head pastor of the largest First Baptist Church in Moore, OK. With thousands of people that he ministers to on a daily basis, it is a huge full time job. Dr. Clarkson will be stepping down as our host each week, but will continue to be a contributor in our monthly magazine from time to time. He has a wonderful love for the Lord and understanding of Bible prophecy and will be dearly missed.

Taking his place, we are thrilled to introduce you to someone you may have heard of in the world of Bible prophecy, through the internet on YouTube. We are proud to pass the torch to not only a woman, but a dear friend of ours, Lyn Leahz. In 2016, we invited Lyn to join us to be a speaker of Bible prophecy during our Pike’s Peak Prophecy Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I will let her tell you all about herself, in her own words…

I was a bit nervous, but very excited and honored to be joining Prophecy in the News as a speaker of Bible prophecy. This gave me an opportunity to reach out to more people across the country to share with them the Gospel of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When I met Linda Church and Linda Kay and all the folks at Prophecy in the News, it was like a massive breath of fresh air. I could feel the love of Jesus Christ strong upon them, and I knew in my heart they were the “real deal.” Immediately, I fell in love with them and felt a sense of trust and kinship I had not experienced with others in the world of prophecy.  My personal ministry began in January of 2014 when the Lord led me to start a YouTube channel to share with the world the wonderful Gospel of my salvation through Jesus Christ and focus on the end times that I believe we now live in. I had absolutely no idea what the Lord had in store for me, but in just a little over six months, the Lyn Leahz Prophecy Channel had over 10,000 subscribers. The Lord laid it on my heart to build a spiritual end times ark for Jesus Christ, and today, my Prophecy Channel is going strong and moving towards almost 200,000 subscribers. I trust in the Lord to guide me every day I do a program.  As a child, I was raised in a Baptist church. I remember memorizing Bible verses for Sunday school, and I truly thank God for my strong Baptist upbringing. The Word of God was planted deep within my heart from a very young age, and that Truth pours out from my lips every time I deliver a message to the people. I am extremely passionate about my work for the Lord, as well as the message He has laid on my heart, the message of repentance of our sins.

Today, more than ever, people are not hearing the Truth. God’s Word has been watered down by man, sugarcoated, and forsaken for a politically correct message. As a result, people are not being convicted that they are sinners, and where there is no conviction, there is no repentance. We have learned through the Word of God that without repentance, there can be no true salvation in Jesus Christ. John 14:6 says, “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”  When I was recently called and asked to join the family at Prophecy in the News to be their new host each week on their television program, I was not only thrilled, but honored to work with a group of folks who truly love and respect the Lord as they do. My vision for Prophecy in the News is to deliver the truth and awake the sleepers to what is going on in the world around us today. Time is short, and I believe the return of Jesus Christ for His beautiful bride is coming very soon.  I look forward to the time I will be spending with you on our television program and through our magazine and the time I will be visiting with our special guests. It is truly an honor to serve the Lord in such a miraculous way. My prayers are with you daily.

Your Friend in Christ Jesus,


I believe you are going to love Lyn as we do. She will not only be hosting our weekly program, but will be sharing the Gospel with you several times a week on our website and Facebook and through our email letters, by answering questions from our friends in Christ in a new segment called, “Lyn’s Letters.”

Stay tuned as we will tell you more very soon.

Keep Looking Up!

Linda Church 

Lyn Leahz is a journalist, video/radio show producer and host, author, as well as contributor to numerous alternative media news and opinion sites including her own site, Freedom Nation News.

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