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Hosea the Prophet Is Back With An Urgent Warning To America! God’s Warning Now More Severe Than Ever


You have plowed wickedness; You have reaped iniquity. You have eaten the fruit of lies, Because you trusted in your own way, In the multitude of your mighty men. Therefore tumult shall arise among your people, And all your fortresses shall be plundered as Shalman plundered Beth Arbel in the day of battle—A mother dashed in pieces upon her children.  -Hosea 10:13-14

Only days ago, the Spirit of the Lord came to me and led me to the book of Hosea. I flipped through a few of the pages and then decided to browse around elsewhere when I felt a strong urge to go back to Hosea.  I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit that He had something He wanted to show me. As I began reading, the Lord made it clear exactly what the message was that He wanted me to deliver to the people. 

That night and the next day, I studied, prayed, and researched the book of Hosea and I could see a very strong, urgent warning message from God for the people of this very hour. 

First, I’m going to give you some background on the book of Hosea and the message that was being delivered to God’s people, Israel, at the time. I wholeheartedly believe that, as you read the information below, you too will see what God is saying to us today.  However, the dreams and the message given me are not written here in this article, rather, they are included in the video posted below.

I urge you to listen to the message, as well as two prophetic dreams, He gave me, for this nation.  As I stated above, that entire message is included in the feature video posted below.

My friends, as a nation, we are in serious trouble. We have never been in times as we are now, and worse is coming. From great physical distress, to spiritual, mental and emotional, it is just getting started.  My biggest concern is that many of us are not at all ready.  

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NEW! God’s Warning Now More Severe Than Ever For the USA! Urgent Word & Two Prophetic Dreams


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As the prophet Hosea addresses each of the issues, he structures his presentation on the general pattern of ancient Near Eastern court case at the city gate.  Just as a husband might accuse his wife of unfaithfulness, God brings a covenant lawsuit against Israel because she has been unfaithful to the covenant with God. The goal of this confrontation is to force the guilty party, Israel, to recognize her failures so that she might turn from her wicked ways and restore her covenant relationship with God.  In order to do this, (1) God presents a series of accusations that describe the unfaithfulness of His people; (2) God presents a series of warnings and threats about the punishment He will inflict on the nation; and then (3) God offers the people the hope of restoring the hope of their covenant relationship with Him if they will repent and turn back to him (6:1-3; 11:1-11; 14:1-9).

The prophet Hosea focuses a good deal of his attention on the religious life of the people. Since the time of Ahab and Jezebel, the nation of Israel was dominated by the worship of the Canaanite fertility god Baal (1 Kings 16:29-33).  Although there were Israelite temples at Dan and Bethel, where Yahweh, the God of Israel, was worshiped in the form of a golden calf, Hosea condemns these practices as a perversion of true worship (8:5-6; 10:5; 13:2).  Eventually the nations worship of Baal and Yahweh became so intermixed that some people thought that these were just two different names for the same God, so they would call Israel’s God by the name “my Baal” (Hos. 2:16).  Baal was the god of fertility who in Canaanite mythology would bring the people rain, fertility, and prosperity.  Many were deceived into participating in the activities at these Baal temples because they wanted to become prosperous.  Some mistakingly thought that Baal had given them abundant harvests of wine, oil, grain, and wool, so they gave their sacrifices and praise to the Baal instead of Yahweh (2:8).  Therefore, God decided to take away their material blessings (Hos. 2:11-13) in order to bring an end to their false worship.

Hosea’s sermons deal with three central issues brought on by this inappropriate Baal worship. First, the people do not really know God (Hos. 4:6, 5:4, 6:3, 6) Because the priests have not been teaching from the scriptures (4:6) and because the people do not distinguish between the worship of Baal and Yahweh.  Second, the people display no steadfast loyalty to the covenant God made with the nation, but break the covenant in many different ways (8:1, 12). Instead of loving God with all their heart and fearing only Him (Deut. 6:6, 10:12), they trust in alliances with foreign nations for their security (Hos 7:8,11) and in their armies and fortresses (Hos. 8:14; 10:13-14). Third, the people are not truthful in their relationship to God but are deceptive, just as their great forefather Jacob was (Hos. 11:12-12:4). Like a wife who deceives her husband and loves two men, the Israelites claim one things but actually do something else. 

In spite of the emotional tone of the book and the shocking imagery, the theology of Hosea’s message is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. God has a covenant relationship with the people of Israel.  God loves his people and has promised to bless them, but they must love God and be faithful to their covenant commitments. Hosea presents evidence throughout the accusation sections of the book that the people of Israel have failed to be faithful in their exclusive covenant love for God; they  have acted like prostitutes by loving another god, Baal (Hos. 4:11-14).  They do not even seem to know the difference between God and Baal (Hos. 2:16), seem uninformed about God’s law because the priests do not teach it (Hos. 4:5-6), and are so steeped in their adulterous ways that it is almost impossible for the them to repent and turn back to God (Hos. 4:5).  Nevertheless, God loves His people and wants them back, so He confronts them with their sins and makes them aware of the serious consequences their sin wiill have on their relationship to God.  If they will repent of their sins, God will forgive them (Hos. 14:1-7). Then they will again be His people (Hos. 1:10-2:1), He will give them one king (the Messiah, Hos. 3:5), and God’s rich blessings will be poured out on them when He establishes His final kingdom (Hos. 2:16-23).

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