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DANGER! Military Friend Warns Major Earthquakes About To Shake “the Hell” Out of USA

Isaiah 13:13 Therefore I will make the heavens tremble, and the earth will be shaken out of its place, at the wrath of the Lord of hosts in the day of his fierce anger.

Before I present to you the new information I have received from my military friend, we must back up and take a look at some previous information that was recently shared. Slightly less than one month ago, I published a new video in which I shared the anonymous testimony of a military friend. At the time, opted to remain anonymous, and so he went by the alias name of Mike. God showed him four judgments coming to America, confirming what others have been shown, including John Fenn and Brother Billy Nelson.

Here is an excerpt from part of my video:

“Hello Lyn, the Lord has told me so much in just a couple of weeks that I really don’t know where to start. I am currently on day 216 in my quiet/prayer time with the Lord and He has revealed to me that four judgments are coming. He told me this back on day 205 and I was in shock.

He said the first judgment is the hurricanes that are hitting the coasts now. The second judgment will be the earthquakes that will strike both coasts. The third judgment is a massive tidal wave that will hit the East Coast and drive water all the way to the mountains. The fourth judgment is so terrible that He would not tell me what it was going to be.

The thing is, after each judgment, the Lord is waiting for his body to wake up and repent. He told me that after the first judgment his body would awake a little bit, but go back to sleep. After the second judgment, his body would wake up a little more, but not be fully awake. After the third judgment, his body would rise up, but still not see that the hand of God was bringing these judgments. People would explain it away, saying it was climate change or that the earthquake faults had been locked and loaded for years. The tidal wave is what gets the church’s attention.

I do not know what causes the tidal wave and he did not tell me, but as he was telling me this, I saw in a vision a massive wave half the height of the Empire State building in New York. I also saw all the deaths of thousands of people as there was no warning this wave was coming, bodies stacked up like cord wood. I can guess maybe an asteroid or underwater volcano or nuke, but I don’t really know. Maybe it could be that the Canary Islands that is split that causes the wave. I just don’t know. However, the fourth judgment is the worst. Many will perish in this judgment that will finally drive the Church to its knees, crying out for repentance. I asked of the Lord, “What is going to do this? ”

But He said, ‘It is not for you to know.’

Lyn, ever since the eclipse, I have had an overwhelming, very heavy sense to pray for repentance for this nation. The main thing that I think gets me is the Lord said, “Before the mess from one judgment is even cleaned up the next one will strike.”

Sitting at my desk at work, I silently pray and ask the Lord questions, and I asked him about the hurricanes. He said they will continue, but be ready for the shaking, for I am trying to wake up my sleeping body. Today, September 6, I see that the sun just had an X-10 plus solar flare Earth facing. That could be the catalyst for the earthquakes. I don’t really know.

Lyn, yesterday in my prayer time the Lord told me that the West Coast is going to get hit with a 9.1 earthquake. I thought, ‘Lord, that will cause a lot of damage and deaths.’

He then told me, ‘The 9.1 is a foreshock of the 12.2 that will destroy everything.’

An Urgent, Horrifying Letter of Warning From Military Friend!

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At the time, James Bailey of Z3 News posted an article about my video.  In his article, he stated:

Mike and Brother Billy both saw four judgments coming upon America, with each one more severe than the previous one. They both saw God’s purpose in sending judgment is to wake up the Church and bring them to repentance. And they both saw the more severe the judgment, the greater the impact it would have on the Church.

The Bible confirms what they saw. God requires repentance from His people, not from the whole nation. Judgment comes to humble those who claim to follow Him while going their own way and doing their own thing. If only He could get His people to humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways and pray and seek Him, He would heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Although God has repeatedly revealed His judgments from Genesis to Revelation, much of the Church rejects the possibility that He would do it today. However, both Mike and Billy saw it is necessary, the only way to wake up the sleeping Church. It is not God’s first choice, but His last resort, necessary because the Church has become so compromised with sin, so hardened in heart, so stiff necked, so blind. Ultimately, more lives will be saved by the shakings than without them, so they are the wisdom and love of God.

You can read the rest of that article here.

Moving forward to the present, the same friend of mine, previously Mike, came to me again.

I received an email from him in which he revealed another prophetic warning he recently received regarding a major earthquake striking the west coast of the United States. At the time Mike shared a word regarding four judgments coming upon the United States, he shared it anonymously using an alias name, Mike, which was given to him by me during our interview. However, he has since received permission from the Lord to go ahead and share the warnings using his real name, Byron Searle.

James Bailey of Z3 News also received the exact same letter of of warning from Byron. His latest warning was so disturbing, James said he felt it needed to be presented within a larger context of other similar warnings to help everyone see how close we are to the fulfillment. Below is my video of his testimony, along with the link to James Bailey’s article. You can click here to read his article in which he includes confirmations from several others.

DANGER! Military Friend Warns Major Earthquakes About To Shake “the Hell” Out of USA!

In his article, James Bailey concluded:

Putting all these warnings together, we should be watching for smaller earthquakes hitting in Caliente CA, Mexicali Mexico, and Santa Barbara CA. One of these could be the 7.5 magnitude seen by Kevin Mirasi. The 9.1 and 12.2 earthquakes would follow those events.

A 12.2 earthquake would split California, causing the western part of the state to fall into the sea. An event of that magnitude would kill millions of people because Los Angeles and other coastal areas would be completely destroyed, which explains why Byron was told, “Many people will perish this day and hell will be enlarged.”

Beyond the human tragedies, the United States economy would be destroyed because California is by far the largest state economically with over $2.6 trillion in annual GDP. To put it in perspective, California’s economy is larger than the combined total of 25 other states. (Source: Wikipedia) And since the U.S. is the world’s largest economy, it would also be devastating to the world’s economy.

God has provided other insights into future economic events, including a severe economic crash coming with a currency devaluation and banking holidays. Beyond that, God has revealed the U.S. dollar will eventually become worthless. As bad as those events would be, a 12.2 earthquake hitting the west coast would be far worse. The United States would be severely weakened, not just economically, but militarily, making us an easy target for foreign powers to invade. The global political and military landscape would be forever changed, setting the stage for the rise of a global government, ruled by the beast. (Revelation 13)

Around the same time, another gentleman from Tennessee contacted me by the name of Buddy with similar dreams.  Here is an excerpt from the letter he wrote to me, along with our exclusive video interview:

“About 8 months ago I started getting dreams from God on various subjects occurring around every 2-3 weeks apart, mostly on God sending a great outpouring of His Spirit.”
He goes on to say, “One dream about a month ago came to pass to the letter in the span of a week and a half after, so this latest dream Holy Spirit has given me has really torn me up since, and He revealed the interpretation which I’m including here. I’m not seeking any publicity but feel led to share that someone out there who’s had the same vision will receive confirmation and people will be warned to WAKE UP!”
Here is an excerpt of his dream:
August 24, 2017 A Dream Given 3 Times in One Night
Last night I was awakened by what I believe was a dream from the Lord. In this dream I was at my Mama’s house looking out the dining room door toward the East. It was me, my mom, and brother, and I believe my other brother there. My mom and I were in her dining room while my brothers were in the adjacent garage. Up from their pasture across the road there is a small field and then woods. I believe the dining room represents the church where people come to eat of the goodness of the Lord and be filled. In this dream it was EMPTY. My brothers weren’t in there because of their refusal to get right with Jesus.
The sky was overcast, not incredibly dark but very cloudy. In the sky, not directly over us but to the 1 o’clock position about 300 yards away was a black half globe as if attached under the clouds. It looked like the ones you see in stores on the ceiling with security cameras in them but these were about the size of water towers.
To our 7 o’clock position was another black half globe a little closer about 100 yards away. Farther from the first one I could see a cell phone tower and it was streaming what looked like flashes of lightning to the half globe. It in return would zap lightning to the ground in spurts and out the side and then shoot a green lazar beam to the other globe at the 7 o’clock position. It was like they were gathering information from the cell phone tower and sharing it with each other, but not sending info back to the cell tower.
I haven’t seen anything like this, it was that they had suddenly appeared and had their own territory they were covering. I turned on the TV to see if the news had anything to say about what was going on. The T.V. had no programing on any channel. The Internet was down and all radio and television was down as well. We were in the dark information wise and couldn’t get any news whatsoever.
The TV was like a computer screen with a black background and windows like you had a couple of pages pulled up at the same time with one overlapping the other. At the forefront was a picture of what looked like a clock face with pie shaped wedges all around with writing on them, the one at the 11 o’clock position was yellow. In the center about a couple of inches from the top was a black digital clock with white numbers counting down from milliseconds, to seconds, to minutes. The hour numbers were on zero, which meant we only had minutes remaining and it seemed the clock was ticking down fast with the milliseconds zipping by.
This clock was chrome, with a handle sticking up from the left side and resembled an instrument on ships, that when an order was given, the person would ratchet up and down which would give orders on another device like it below decks. This one was ratcheting up and down but there was no hand on it, it would go all the way down and when it came up it would stop at the fifteen minute to midnight mark. This happened a couple of times, how many I’m not sure, but every time it would stop at this point, like something was preventing it from going back up to the top from that point. There was a voice on the T.V. saying that if demands weren’t met the internet would stay down and all communications, radio, t.v. etc. would cease forever. Like someone had hacked all communications and was holding it hostage.
We watched the clock tick down and as it hit all zero’s we held our breath wondering if the demands, whatever they were, were met. I looked out the door again and gave a sigh of relief, although programing had not come back on and the screen still showed the clock thing without movement in a freeze frame.  Around five minutes after the clock hit zero, a tremendous thunder came from the east. We watched as the trees in the woods in front of us began to violently sway and fall toward us and I was left holding my breath wondering what’s coming. They were leveled as far as the eye could see left and right and then a wave of fire came racing across the field.
There is much more. For the rest of the dream and more, please watch the below video.

Another Serious Word From God For America’s Dark, Dreaded Future!

What is it going to take for people to listen, wake up and repent?

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