CIA Declassifies Top Secret UFO Documents In Response To X-Files—What They Reveal Will Floor You!


By Lisa Haven

As Chris Carters long awaited old hit television series, X-Files comes back to life in 2016, it airs with more controversy then ever before bringing to life real conspiracies of a United Nations takeover, government spy grids, chemtrails, police militarization, FEMA camps, a secret elite ruling class, electromagnetic frequency waves, and much more.

As a result the X-Files series is becoming an overnight sensation as people are starting to wake up to the corruption that attacks us on a daily basis. The CIA has joined in on the action by highlighting ten declassified documents about real cases of UFO encounters in response to the X-Files airing. The ones they choose to highlight are fascinating, but one must as the question, “why would our corrupt CIA do such a thing?”

The video reveals all that and more! Here’s the breaking report….

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