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Angel Takes Man To America’s “VERY NEAR” Future and What Is Seen Will Bring You To Your Knees!

"I saw people erupting into flames, their skin rippling and peeling as if they had severe burning, just peeling off their bodies." -Martin Banner

My guest, Martin Banner, shares what God has been showing him, not only in dreams, but in visions. But he also has a real-life supernatural experience with an angel from heaven who reveals to him the future of the United States of America. But it isn’t just the future, it’s the “near” future! Martin Banner has been hearing from God A LOT over the years, with many prophecies and words that have come to pass. This time, God sends an angel who takes Martin to the future, showing him areas of the midwest and abroad, and the horrific, chilling judgment of God! This is downright explosive!

In the exclusive video interview, Banner explains in full detail what all that he saw. Here is an excerpt from the interview where he describes just one of the many things he was shown by the angel. 

“I was asleep and while I was asleep an angel came into my bedroom, grabbed my shoulder and took my spirit out of my body up through the ceiling of the house. It was as if we were going out into space…blackness. I could see the earth getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared. It was just blackness, all I could see was this being and I had no concept of time. I felt like I was in eternity. And then we started coming back down toward the earth and hovering over the earth and getting closer and closer. And I could see the USA.  That was when we began descending, and the angel brought me down over the state of Ohio, and I saw Columbus, Ohio. The angel spoke to me what the city was. I then saw a nuclear ICBM strike the city of Columbus.  I saw the Mushroom cloud, I saw the crater, I saw the damage… “

Banner went on to add, “But what I saw before my eyes, there was great destruction in the city… fire trucks, ambulances, all types of rescue people everywhere! While I was watching this scene, it was something that was indescribable, the torment to it. I saw people erupting into flames, their skin rippling and peeling as if they had severe burning, just peeling off their bodies. People staggering around by the thousands completely blinded…”

Angel Takes Man To America’s “VERY NEAR” Future & What Is Seen Will Bring You To Your Knees!


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