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What Happens When You Die—New Afterlife Research That Opens a Whole New Can of Worms… Christian Beware! 

In other words, ignore the parts of the Bible that reference hell and damnation and embrace the heavenly part so we can all live happier lives on earth knowing we will all be in eternal bliss upon our death.

By Lisa Haven

A professor of Religious Studies has recently come out stating that his new study on the science of afterlife will benefit society if it rejects “primitive theologies of eternal damnation.” In other words, ignore the parts of the Bible that reference hell and damnation and embrace the heavenly part so we can all live happier lives on earth knowing we will all be in eternal bliss upon our death. This religious professor truly believes he can usher in “peace on earth” if these One World Religious ideals are expressed.

If you are a Christian then you will see this a direct attack on the Christian faith and the ushering in of the One World Religion. Here’s more on this critical report….

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  • Lisa, the “professor” with his “research” acts as if the public is not yet ready to understand the concept of metaphor.

    Metaphors, while not literally true, help to illustrate truthful concepts which would otherwise be difficult to understand or awkward to discuss.

    Can you imagine, with all of the online content that is freely available, he is still trying to suppress information. The meanings of the Bible’s metaphors, which BTW do not conflict with science, were bound to be posted somewhere, even if only on some backwater part of the internet.

    I have been interacting with scientists, professors and theologians on my blog, to try and get to the bottom of some of these issues– and these are some of the most important issues of the day.

    Email me through my blog if you get a chance: http://pieeconomics.blogspot.com/p/truthers-and-singularity.html

    • SunnyBrook

      Sadly, you have missed the whole point of the bible which is Christ giving his life on the cross for our sins so we might live with him for eternity. John 3:16. You are creating your own religion by gross misinterpretation.

      • SunnyBrook, greetings. I think we can all agree that the Bible is an extraordinary work, which was written so that one can discover new things in each reading. One of my blog readers told me: “Your thoughts are very deep and difficult for me to follow. I am much more simple minded than people think.” The motivational needs for that reader are served by a surface reading of the Bible. When people want to look deeper, the Bible is also there for them. Here is how I now interpret the crucifixion story (and I perfectly understand that others might not agree; after all, we have differing motivational needs):

        Previous religions did not distinguish between the differing perspectives of the various levels of life: the world, the local community, the family, and the individual. The same narrative defined right and wrong as if there were no distinction between levels.

        The crucifixion story introduced the concept of private vs. public. For example, what makes sense within the context of a family might not make sense from the world’s perspective, so some aspects of the family’s motivational beliefs might best be kept private. If these beliefs were to be proclaimed publicly, they might catch on to the extent that the world’s narrative might be threatened. The crucifixion illustrates that while the world can and will take measures to protect its agenda, this does not invalidate the agendas of local communities, families and individuals. The world allows these agendas to be expressed publicly if they are hidden in metaphor– being explicit can be risky. Note that the Bible itself is a public document; it is written in metaphor so as not to unduly threaten the world’s agenda. Its hidden message is extracted and shared privately.

        Even the Biblicism Institute talks about the Bible in terms of metaphors. They wrote in response to my blog:

        “Jesus spoke in metaphors or parables and many did not understand then as many do not understand today. However, the Holy Spirit is guiding the world to a higher level of spiritual consciousness in Christ. Still, that doesn’t mean that everyone will acknowledge the truth. Only those chosen by God will be able to have their eyes fully open.”

        —> Note that they are themselves using metaphors to explain the use of metaphors. Think about that. <—

        I thoroughly enjoy writing in depth about these topics on my Truthers and the Singularity blog: http://pieeconomics.blogspot.com/p/truthers-and-singularity.html

        • I am sorry, but believe you missed the point yet again. Man is already condemned. God became flesh, dwelt among us, then died the death we owed. He then came back alive assuring those who accept His gift of salvation eternal life rather than eternal separation from God. That is the message of the Bible. The “higher critics” want to make metaphors, parables and primitive thoughts and ignorance to make themselves seem wise. That is covered as well. So I still respectfully disagree with you.,,and, by the way, I am a university educated (several degrees) and not superstitious at all.

  • Dano_68

    What happens when you die – what the Spirit world is like – and why we come back. Thought you may like this: https://youtu.be/CHj1OsSMd_c

  • Dano_68

    Sorry, I meant to also tell you about my first book which covers all this and much more in detail. I went back to Spirit, and came back: https://youtu.be/6Q-bU7cIdEM

  • Jen Rus

    This can shed some light: Judgment Day >> http://bit.ly/25nWYcX


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