Warning! Reading This Might Put You On Hillary’s Hit List—Undeniable Proof Her And Obama Supported and Founded ISIS


By Lisa Haven

Why is it that Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton act clueless when it comes to ISIS? They pretend they have no idea about how they were formed, where they are, or how to stop them. Yet time and time again U.S. military grade vehicles and weaponry are found in the hands of ISIS members as seen in the images below: 

Here’s the thing, we know that for the past few years the U.S. government has been supplying weapons to Al-Qaeda (whose name was changed to ISIS to confuse the public). This is the same organization that Osama Bin Laden founded back in 1988 and the same organization that took out the Twin Towers in New York in 2001, and yet here we are throwing our support their way. Why on earth we we do such a thing? And why is it that American’s are turning a blind eye to these atrocities and allowing Hillary Clinton to run for U.S President? Is it because we’re too afraid to face the truth? Is it because we just can’t image our leaders in the oval office would do such a thing? Or is it because they haven’t seen the documented proof?

To be frank, Donald Trump was 100% correct when he asserted that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama “founded ISIS.” Not only do we have documented proof, but emails hacks have revealed a much more sinister agenda…

”The people we are fighting today, we funded 20 years ago.” ~ Hillary Clinton

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  • Sandra Villarreal

    This is an extraordinary article Lisa. Sadly, already knew most of it. I passed it on – it’s that important that people who aren’t aware of it, become very aware of it.

  • S_

    Not “her and Obama,” but, “SHE and Obama.”

  • WRP

    ISIS and ISIL were around long before President Obama took office. Some state around 1999 they began to surface but were subordinate to Al-Qaeda. After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, several groups became more closely knit and differed fundamentally from Al-Qaeda. Hence ISIS was “officially” formed. They are at odds with Al-Qaeda concerning internal matters but united against the West. The reason you see “some” United States equipment is due to the fact that they have captured it from the Iraqi Army and Police forces. The missile you show in the second photo is not American. It is an Iraqi scud. You do know President Bush authorized the transfer and sale of military equipment to Iraq with a predetermined time period that extended into President Obama’s term don’t you? President Bush also determined the time table for withdrawal from Iraq and President Obama only enforced it.

    I suggest you come visit us at the Pentagon to get in the know. I’m willing to read(listen) to anything you have to post, but please post undeniable “facts” instead of internet fiction. And yes, I was there!.


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