The Video The DNC and Hillary Don’t Want You To See! What The Mainstream Media Has Hid From You…


By Lisa Haven

Oh the joys of the mainstream media who lie, cheat, manipulate and do anything to conjure up a story to the benefit of the “ruling elite.” In this case, 2016 presidential running democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, is the target of their deep affection.

CNN, MSNBC, ABC and others are parading a one-sided story about how the masses adore Mrs. Clinton, however during the Democratic National Convention things went haywire as Bernie supports staged a walk-out during her official nominee and booed throughout the convention. Furthermore, real statistics, not those controlled by the left, also reveal that true Hillary supports are few and far between. The majority of people who vote for her do so simply because “she’s a woman” and are ignorant to the fact of her mass corruption.

In the video below I delve through the real issues and what the mainstream media wont talk about…

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