Financial Expert Breaks the Silence About Soon Coming Global Catastrophes! And, A Message From God That Is Chilling To the Bone! (Videos)


With everything that is happening not only in America, but in the world, it’s hard for some people to distinguish between news which fulfills Bible prophecy and plain old news. But, there are some things which are being kept from the news that are also great indicators of the soon coming tribulation. 

Some of the latest news in China has just began to trickle out, but it is in China’s best interest to remain hush-hush about this (reasons are disclosed in the feature video). This will have huge ramifications on the entire world!

China plays a huge role in end times events. Just last week, reports began coming out about catastrophic flooding in China. As many know, any move China makes can mean global catastrophe, particularly for the United States. If an economic crisis erupts in the United States, we are looking at martial law, a global currency, a one world government system followed by a one world leader.  

These events which are happening right now are discussed in depth in the below video, as well as some pretty outrageous weather patterns. We know that the Bible specifically talks about these very things, and the world must be warned. God’s people must be warned. Whether or not people listen is between them and God, however, it is our responsibility to watch, wait and to be ready!

Financial Expert Breaks the Silence About Soon Coming Catastrophes!


Look What’s Coming NOW As America Further Renounces Christ!

Lyn Leahz

More Lies! Tragic Healthcare Nightmares About To Become Reality!

A Message From God That Is Chilling To the Bone! And the Body of Christ In HUGE Trouble!

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    SO where are God’s people in all of this? If they’ve been given authority on earth why haven’t they used it to make things better instead of all this doom and gloom hopelessness stuff? Why was Jesus message so full of hope and why was he always saying “Fear Not” Yet messages like this seem to be solely for the purpose of stirring up fear? What’s u with that? I’m not intending to create division or debate I’m asking an honest reasonable question. What’s up with all the hopelessness doctrine?

  • Tim

    Sorry but there is too much god preaching here. It’s one thing if you are religious its another to blame shit gone bad in the world on your religion. This is why we have all the bullshit wars we do today. We need to get the hell over religion and the need to preach to one another.

    Yes so what the climate has changed which was inevitable. The fact is that every so many thousands of years the earth goes into an Ice Age. THIS IS FACT IT HAS HAPPENED 6 TIMES IN 600K YEAR. It is not man made. What is a fact is the CO2 in the atmosphere is higher than any of the last 6 ice ages. The reason the CO2 levels are so high is because of man. So bad shit is coming. So what? We have the technology and the ability to survive nearly any climate change.

    The reason we are not facing what is to come is a 2 fold problem. First we have powerful corrupt people who have so much money they can keep the masses stupid and fighting with each other. Second is this group used religion to make us feel like this shit is the end of the world plus uses other religion to attack others to keep thinking people from realizing what is going on.

    So yes We are screwed and its because our inability to pull our heads out of our asses and work together. We are more worried about having high walls and living in our own little world we dont care what happens until our little world blows up.


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