Day Of Reckoning Coming Soon: Nation Alliance Against USA! What’s About To Unfold Will Make You Ill


By Lisa Haven

“This is a bigger financial threat than Islamic terrorism or a Nuclear Iran. Our fiercest enemies and closest allies have just formed a 57-nation alliance. They have one goal: to dethrone America as the world’s financial superpower.”  The Sovereign Investor News.

There is a country that is forming alliances against America. A country that wants to be the superpower of the world. A country that imprisons political dissidents, pushes forced labor camps, and sells organs on the black market. A country that owns a good portion of America and it’s rearing it’s ugly head in a powerful way.

Here’s what is about to slap us all in the face….

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Facts About China:

  1. China is a one-party communist country, though it allows some forms of capitalism. Chinese corporations belong to the state and money for corporations become money for the state. Every business is under the control of the government.
  2. More than 82 million people in China are very poor. But the government is rich because they take all the money from the corporations.
  3. For 40 years Chinese citizens were only allowed to have one child per family, if they had more they were forced to have an abortion. In 2016 they changed the law. Citizens can now request to have two children.
  4. China has labor camps. Many are kept secret. These prisons are not for regular criminals. They are for religious believers, reporters, journalists, and anyone who disagrees with their regime.
  5. There is a lot of persecution and regulations on religious groups. Christianity, Tibetan Buddhists, and those of the Falun Gong religion are specifically targeted.
  6. China banned the Falun Gong religion and these people can be sent to labor camps and killed simply for practicing their faith.
  7. Christians are only allowed to practice their faith in stated approved churches. The Government has bulldozed churches and removed crosses in objection to the religion.
  8. In 1984, China passed a law allowing organs to be taken from dead prisoners. Many of these organs come from those taken prisoner for practicing their faith..specifically the Falun Gong religion. Since 1999 China’s done over 150,000 transplants.
  9. The Chinese government censors the internet. They have an internet police group of about 2 million people who tattle-tale on internet users.
  10. China has the largest number of journalists in jail because of their control on speaking out against the government.
  11. Chinese citizens are not allowed to own guns. If they are found with one they can be sent to life in prison.
  12. Freedom of Speech in China is a privilege not a right. People can be jailed for their speech if it’s agains the government’s policies.


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Lyn Leahz is a journalist, video/radio show producer and host, author, as well as contributor to numerous alternative media news and opinion sites including her own site, Freedom Nation News.

  • Aged Warrior

    The battle is not against the USA it is against your criminal banker elite sometimes referred to as the Khazarian Mafia. The Clinton/Bush/Obama administrations wealth came from running drug cartels using the CIA.. They have destroyed your nation with financial fraud & then tried to destroy every other nation with war & fraud. Now they want to rule the world.
    During TTIP negotiations with Germany Obama threatened to use a nuke on Europe. (& blame it on iSIS like all the other attacks). George Soros has been financing mercenaries to create dissent & civil war in the EU/UK/US using Black Lives Matter, ISIS etc as a cover. He is a wealthy crazy psychopath. He financed the refugee crisis in the EU.
    Europe did not take kindly to the USA sending troops & mounting a coup in Ukraine. It was not a good idea to pick on the Russians either who were basically minding their own business.
    It is a basic scientific fact that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so when Obama threatened his allies the EU & Europe it united the opposition.
    These United Nations have ascertained that the USA government is so corrupt that a mere change of president will not be enough to bring about the end of the KM & allow peace on earth.
    The USA will therefore have to submit to external administration or face the consequences of a dollar crash & all out war against the rest of the world.
    It is the responsibility of every nation to keep its own psychopaths under control.
    Don’t blame us for your own failures.
    Blame the Western Main Stream Media Liars for covering it all up.
    Obama & Clinton are already indicted for crimes against humanity in the Yemen.
    Others will follow.

  • JR

    Yes folks! And, no other than China owns trillions of dollars of US debt and we are borrowing more each and every day! Thanks to our hapless Senators and Congressman (both parties) we are owned by our mortal enemy. Why? Instead of admitting we have been totally broke for “at least” a decade, they decided to kick the can down the road (no doubt to collect their pensions) and borrow trillions from China rather than cut back spending and admit we’re out of money. There are fewer and fewer strands holding our country together thanks to our idiots in charge.

  • Swath

    When the Day Of Reckoning occurs most of the citizens will not be prepared. Therefore, they will beg the government for help and allow the globalist to install any system they desire.


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