Breaking! Obama Signs Executive Order Preparing America For Cataclysmic Disaster Just In Time For the Election


By Lisa Haven

Massive!!! While all eyes were on the election and just days ago on, Thursday, October 13th, President Barack Obama, signed a chilling executive order preparing the American government, and even the world, for an impending cataclysmic disaster that may be right around the corner. This executive order just so happens to have impeccable timing considering we are months away from the inauguration of a new president and given the rumors of Obama possible staying in office. This ‘disaster’ just might be the ticket he needs to make his move… IF he does.

All that and more in this exclusive report…

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  • The General cleaning of Erath is being promoted by the Creators
    ーThe Pole shift of Earth occurs in the 2nd half of December
    Oct. 20, 2016
    Illuminati consisting of Rothschilds’ clique and their minions, Rockefellers’ clique are dominating Earth society.
    They are shapeshifters of draconians of the Draco (the official emblem of GB capital city of London) and reptilian humanoids of the Lizard.
    Their GHQ was in underground world of Earth, so-called Agharta. But it was swept on Aug. 17, 2014 by the Creators together with ruling layers of their planets, after the operation for annihilation of their GHQ by the leadership of the Andromeda Federation of planets suffered breakdown due to the disturbance by evil beings of the Creators’ world.
    Such shapeshifters were swept by the Creators. However, doubles of their shapeshifters are continuing every kinds of evil dees. They doubles are dominating every governments on Earth, beginning from B. Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, D. Trump, others (USA), Hi Jinping (China), V. Puchin (Russia), S. Abe (Japan), etc.
    Those events are infringement upon the cosmos control principle on prohibition of intervention into inner problems of other planets. Earth has been taken over still by evil planets of the Lizard and the Draco.
    Therefore, the General cleaning of Earth by the Creators is being promoted. A planet Nibiru larger over 5 times than Earth is rapidly approaching to Earth.
    The Pole shift of Earth occurs in the 2nd half of December, 2016. This becomes the new catastrophe of Earth since ancient times of dinosaurs’ extinction.


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