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Bombshell! Famous Hollywood Producer Divulges the Real End Times Threat! (Video)

The real end times threat revealed to not just America, but to the world!

Famous Hollywood film producer, David Heavener, finds Jesus Christ and reveals the real end times threat to the not just America, but the world! Now, as God has called him, he takes a stand to expose what is really going on in the world with one goal in mind…to bring people the truth and win the lost, at any cost!

What is your goal, spiritually speaking? And what is your walk with God worth to you?  Are you prepared to win the lost at any cost?  Are you ready for what is coming?

We know that Hollywood plays a very significant role in many of the perversions we are seeing today. The family is falling apart, and much of this has to do with what people are being exposed to, most importantly our children.

Much of the entertainment industry is operated by the Illuminati, as their Satanic agenda is frequently and obviously exposed in most movies, music, and television. Are you really aware of what your children are absorbing daily via the internet, tv, and music? Do you have any idea how you and your entire family are being affected spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally by the messages and symbols being pumped into your spirit?

This is a video you can’t afford to miss!



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  • Hans S

    Thanks for having deleted my comment….

    • This is the first comment I have had here so not sure what you are referring to unless it went to spam. However, if the comments was rude or contained cursing or anything like that, I would delete it. Just letting you know in advance. God bless you!

      • Hans S

        Maybe they were automatically deleted because they contained links.

        I wanted to share this with you and you can find them with Google search if I can’t put links here: God’s Timeline and the Jews – YouTube

        The Jesuits And The Order Of Malta Created The Hollywood Film Industry

        God-the Lord JESUS bless you too!

  • Red Uk

    I am a bit confused Lyn, I looked up David’s biography on imbd.com it lists all his work over 30 years. I noticed he has produced, directed and written a lot of horror movies some of which were produced in 2016 for example zombie bride (seriously evil story line), Dracula, and many more. most of his work is down right creepy and really dark.. Has he only recently become a Christian, look into the story line of some of these films What’s your opinion? I enjoy your clips but I always research peoples guests and this one worries me

    • Yes. He talks about this in the video interview. He recently came back to the Lord. If you heard him, he discussed how he has a pretty sinful past in re to the stuff he was producing. He’s recently given his life back to the Lord, praise God. Thanks and God bless.

    • If this comment appears twice, I apologize. It doesn’t appear to be showing so I’ll leave it again. David mentioned in the interview he recently came back to the Lord and I have talked with David extensively and he’s having to make a lot of sacrifices to walk straight with the Lord, and he is doing it. He has a good heart for God. We all have sin in our past. However, it’s not necessarily publicly uploaded somewhere for everyone to see or to follow you around for the rest of your life. He can’t go back and do anything about that stuff now. Let’s pray for him and encourage and support him in trying to do something powerful for the Kingdom of heaven. God bless you and thanks!

      • Red Uk

        thank you for taking the time to answer.. GB

  • Robert G Pickle

    Be advised and Be aware.



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